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Home Buying Tips


Obsessed with trying to time the market and figure out when is the best time to buy? Trying to anticipate the housing market is a hard thing to do, so you better leave professionals to worry about it. Because the housing market is changing all the time, you need to stay aware with the latest news, even if you’re not on a hunt for a house.


Here are some tips to ease your life:


The biggest house on the street – even you find it most appealing, and according to your current budget, a bigger house means less chances to re-sell it, as it appeals to a small audience. Your house will is going to up in value as much as the other houses around it. If you don’t want to live in the property until you die, consider ease of resale.


Inspection – don’t fall for the first instinct that you had. It may look lovely and cozy, but an overall check-up done by professional can spear extra costs. It’s always better to have a panoramic view of the situation before you proceed for the payment.


Work out the true cost of buying – it’s not easy to get a mortgage and have the keys of your house in five days. Take into consideration other factors that comes with the price tag of your dream house – mortgage arrangement fee, legal fees, removal cost and possible repair costs. With the correct planning, the cost can be a simple task to be done. We are here to guide you!


Take photos – if your agent had schedule several inspections, is better if you capture some photos, as they’ll be a useful reference point when all the homes blur into one. Do check with you agent first for permission.


View at different times of day – you like a house? View the house three times at different times of the day. You can make an impression about the traffic, noise, neighbors and overall activity that happens around the house.


Check what’s being built in the area – your view can no longer be a view after five months from moving in. As well, a new building in the area can increase the market value in the area, so it all depends on who is building.


Sealed deal – when the deal is sealed and you shake hands, ask your agent to take the property off the market. A competitor is not what you aim too, not to talk about a potential higher offer from somebody else.


Quote home insurance before buying – by referring to an insurance company, you might find out important details about the property; it can be placed in a potential flood area.


Air pollution – before you move in, make sure to ask an expert for pipes, filters, and heaters examination. Odorless gases leaked in the house are a real life danger.


Home buying doesn’t need to be that stressful, once in a while we can always steer up the right directions through proper research and careful planning to consider for our future. It is important to figure what kind of home you desire to have and the amenities that you would like to contain in your future space. An over view of the property estimated value can be efficient enough to start having a basis for choosing your property. Buying a house is not based on emotions because in the long run it might just break your heart. Bigger isn’t always the better choice. Cost savings should also be one fundamental to consider. Try to stalk around the surrounding neighbourhood and find if it is a conducive environment for living. Most of all, taxes, fees and other hidden cost are not to be neglected. Once you got your feet on the ground, get those papers ready for eligibility check and make sure you don’t mess up your credit score for easy and quick approval.


Our team of professional Blissful Property Agents will guide you through every step! With our wide range of connections and knowledge in the field, buying a house never been easier. Contact us and we will lead you on the path of living in your dream home.