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Tips for First Time Buyers


Finding the perfect home may not be that easy at it appears, mostly for the first time buyers. A lot of questions are smashing their head, thinking and rethinking if it’s the right choice to do. The challenge of buying a home can put some much pressure that it’s tempting to either go with the first house that’s according to their budget, either continue to rent, to get the stressful situation out of their hands.


It is a time-consuming situation, but if you follow some tips, you may realise that your journey to homeownership is not such a bumpy ride.


Location Location Location


You have an idea of area in which you want to live? Have you pictured your dream house? If you know the answer to these two questions, then you need to move to the budget. Draw up a hard budget and stick to it! If your ideal price range is modest, do not search for luxury properties; it can affect your future perception.


What Home Do you Want?


Think and write down what specific features your ideal home have? Keep in mind that it’s very difficult, close to impossible sometimes to find everything in one property. So make a list also for non-negotiable. Re-evaluate your list after inspections, as you gain a better sense of what’s out there on the market, and erase things from your wish-list, the ones that are not important to you.


Most Important Aspect - Find a Good Agent


Moving to the next step, and the most important one, find a good licenced real estate agency with local knowledge of the area you want to live. An agent that understands your needs, knows best your desired area and can seal the deal according to your wishes is a time-saver. Because feelings often take over the first time you go through a house, ask your agent to prepare a second inspection, and be led by your head, not your heart. 


Know the Value of A Property


Check out comparable properties in the area to get an idea of the pricing. Try not to fixate on the list price of a house, but rather the fair market value. Best tip we can give you is: when figuring out the price of a property, sometimes it makes more sense to look at the price of a house in terms of monthly payments instead of focusing on that big number. Put down all the numbers, and gather all three notions together when starting to negotiate: information, preparation and realism.



Close The Deal!


If all of the above are in your favour, then the next step is placing an offer. When making an offer, of course you would like the lowest price for your dream house, but you need to pay attention that this can offend the owner and it can possible break the deal. Talk with your agent, which is expert to get a great deal!


Living in a Home you Own


If you signed all the papers, it’s time to move in the house. For most of us, buying a house is the largest investment that we ever made. As a new homeowner, two things you have to keep in mind: perform regular maintenance - can decrease your repair costs by allowing problems to be fixed when they are small and manageable; and ignore the housing market once you moved in - It doesn't matter what your home is worth at any given moment except the moment when you sell it. Enjoy your house and make the most of it!


Next Steps


We took you to in this brief introduction that is essential for first time buyers to reassure you that even though the process may look hard, it’s actually less stressful if well-planned. Now you can start thinking of your new home with a smile on your face, having all the tools and support from us.


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