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Information for Tenants


Useful information


You will have signed your tenancy agreement for a term of six or twelve months.  This means that you are fixed into this tenancy for that term. If you want to bring the tenancy to an end before this time then you have to request from one of our agents if you can be released earlier.

We will contact you three to four months before the end of the tenancy and ask what your future tenancy wishes are.  If you want to continue with the tenancy then the tenancy may be extended from the end of the fixed term period onto a periodic tenancy.  This means that it may continue onto a two month rolling tenancy where you can give two months’ notice (this has to begin and end on a rent day) to bring the tenancy to an end. The landlord also has the right to give notice during a periodic tenancy.


!Please note that all notices need to be in writing and delivered to our offices.  We cannot accept notice verbally. If you have any queries about your tenancy or how to give notice then please feel free to contact us.


Management Visits


Visits  are  carried  out  quarterly and you  do  not  have  to  be  present  unless  you  wish to be.   During  these  visits  we check  that  the  property  and  garden  (if  applicable)  is  being  maintained  in accordance with  the  agreement. Information regarding the condition of the property is then passed onto the Landlord.




If there are any repair or maintenance issues during your tenancy you should contact the office as soon as possible because any  repairs  have  to  be  agreed  with  the  Landlord  before  works  can  commence.  Once the Landlord has agreed we will arrange access to the property with you.


Moving In Day


On the day you move in, all tenants and guarantors are required to attend our offices at a pre-arranged time.  Each person will need to bring photographic ID, two utility bills from your previous address and proof of your right to live and work in Australia(if you  do  not  have  the  correct  ID  this  could  delay  you  moving  in). You will  then  have  the  opportunity  to  read  through your agreements,  the  inventory  and any  other  paperwork  before signing  all  the  documents and  receiving  your  keys. Once you have signed the tenancy agreement you are contractually committed for the full term agreed.