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Information for Property Managements


Whether you own a single property or an investment portfolio, we offer a full range of property management services including comprehensive short-term holiday rental management, long-term leasing, property preparation and maintenance, legal and transactional support, emergency response, and tenant/landlord correspondence. We come from a hospitality background, with experience in management and marketing. We know what it takes to manage your property and realize a return on your investment.


We provide fast, friendly, and professional service tailored to your individual property management needs. We treat your investment property like it's our own, which translates into a property that is well-maintained and leased with a minimum amount of vacancy.


Why to choose us?


With years of experience in our area, you’ll benefit from our wealth of connections which will led to a fast leasing, you save money and hustle in numerous ways. We handle all the hard stuff: finding and screening tenants, collecting money and make sure your estate is at its best all the time.


-we advertise and market your property using only professional photos that show it at its best;


-our easy digital communication channels lets prospective tenants schedule a showing right away;


-our system is built to choose only the best, we thoroughly vet applicants to ensure that only the best make it into your property.


-we collect the money every month and deposit it into your bank account; bills can be paid by us if that suits you, or can be done by the landlord;


-maintenance is on our priority list. We have a strong connection with companies that gives us discounts for major repairs; vast network of experienced contractors are working side by side with us, that will ensure any issue will arise, the work will be done fast;  you’ll be instantly notified when a new issue arises, and can track updates, photos, and invoices in real-time.


-support: late night emergency calls will be handled by us. Our team responds to tenant inquiries and emergencies 24 hours/7 days a week. In rare cases, when it’s necessary, we can handle evictions and other legal necessities.


-we offer tailored solutions for every budget;


-leave to us all the documents and papers problems that are a headache trigger;


-our marketing approach is comprehensive, time-tested, perfected and most importantly, effectively targeted. Filling vacancies, in the least amount of time, with qualified tenants is critical to your success; and, our marketing program was developed with this objective at the center.


-our system is compliant with all local, state and federal laws;


-your property will benefit a low vacancy rate and a low time on the market;


-our professional leasing agents will track calls and show your property 7 days a week;


-schedule quarterly inspections by our property inspector to check property condition and ensure tenant compliance;


-we have an attorney prepare the lease with any required attachments and review it in detail with the tenant and you so all have the same understanding and expectations from the beginning. The executed lease will be delivered to all parties including the condo/homeowners association if required.


-Computerized accounting is used to email you a statement each month showing all financial transactions for the last 30 days as well as an end of the year report.


Whether you are searching for a home to rent or if you need a reliable company to manage your property, let us put our years of property management experience to work for you today.


To find out the benefits and discuss which option is best for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are glad to offer our support!