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Tips for selling


Listing your property for sale can be at first glance terrifying and stressful, but with our tips, you will make a big impact on your property’s attractiveness that will ensure a speedy sale. Our top sellers will be glad to offer you some insights, but first, follow this quick tips to enhance the potential of your estate.


1.     Do cosmetic repairs


No one want to step into a house with leak coming from the ceilings; landscape is also important, first impression is the one that lasts, and you need to make sure everything is well maintained and in proper function.


2.     Keep in step with trends in home décor


Do some homework and read decorating magazines to have an idea what is the current trend. People are drawn to homes with a contemporary look. Buy some lamps or just small stuff to increase your estate’s potential and attractiveness.


3.     Lights


Your agent called and a potential buyer is on his way? Open all the curtains and turn on all lights in the house to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.


4.     Memories


You have pictures with you and your family spread across the entire house? Hide them as long as your estate it’s on the market. Buyers need to picture themselves and feel like home in your house.


5.     Make an entrance

As crazy as it might sound to you, studies have shown that color yellow triggers spending instinct in the human brain. Either you plant some flowers, or just place some fresh cut ones on your entryway, do it.

6.     Fresh linen


When expecting a visit from a potential buyer, make sure you have clean, well-arranged bathroom towels, and place beautiful new linens on the beds in the entire house. Details count!! Your bathroom has to be spotless; add some boutique bath products;


7.     Your kitchen


You were once a buyer so you might know the importance of a well-equipped kitchen; ask our agents on how to give yours sparkle; new cupboard and drawer handles will add life to an old kitchen;


8.     Smell

Keep your house ventilated and place some flagrant candles, bake something before your buyer shows at your front door. Buyers are not impressed with odors and odd smells.


9.     First Impression


You have an exceptional front door mat that stayed there since you moved in? Invest some money and buy a new one, don’t remind buyers that you stayed twenty years in that house.



10.  Reduce the amount of furniture


Especially in smaller rooms, removing the furnitre can give the impression of space.


11.  Price it right


Do not start with a high price which you will lower later if the house fails to sell. This will only result in a slower sale. Discuss with our agents to find the correct market price and follow the instructions for a faster and stress free procedure. Setting high expectations will only result in your frustration afterwards.


12.  Be flexible


The more flexible you are about visits, the more people will be able to see your home. Be ready for prospective visitors early in the morning, at night and on weekends, with little notice.


13.  Remove your pets


Hide your cat’s litter; prospective buyer shouldn’t even know that a pet lives in the home if you can help it.


14.  Photos


Our agents gain their knowledge after years of research, so you will receive the best package possible. Quality photography of the home is also important. A study by Trulia.com shows that listings with more than 6 pictures are twice as likely to be viewed by buyers as listings that had fewer than 6 pictures.


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