How to find a property to rent that appeals to you

Finding a place to rent is easy since there are numerous properties available in the market. But finding one that you’d actually want to live in is tricky since there are numerous considerations you have to factor in such as if you could afford the monthly rent, is it accessible to establishments you frequently visit, is it near the university where you are studying, near your workplace or your kids’ school, is it in a safe neighbourhood, etc.

With all these considerations, you’d soon see that the properties available in the market would significantly be filtered and you’d find yourself looking at fewer properties than when you started your search. When you feel like you are losing your mind because your imminent move date is near and you still have no place to rent, here are some tips and tricks for you to make the hunting easier.

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Look for properties 2 months before your actual move date

You might think that 2 months is too short but actually the possibility of you finding a place you like the next day is possible. It is also heartbreaking especially if you are renting another place and your rental contract will expire after 2 months and the property you like is receiving a lot of interest but you still could not move. To avoid this, don’t immediately think that the first place you view is “the one”. When you have time, you could be more thorough and inspect everything and visit numerous properties to find the place that ticks all the boxes on your list.

Search online but be wary

When you search for properties online, the saying “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” must be your mantra. Sure, there are legitimate listings on the internet but there are also those who would want to scam you of your money. When you go searching for rental properties Bribie island, do not commit to renting a property you have not yet seen up close.

Pictures could be deceiving and spending some time in a property in person could help you determine if the place is a perfect fit for you. Plus, you also have to see for yourself how your future, possible neighbours are. If you have chronic migraines but the family next door is constantly rioting, the place might not be ideal for you.

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Broaden your search

If your eyes are set on high rise buildings but you have already visited hundreds of buildings but still could not find what you want, broaden your search and include mid-rise or small buildings on your search. You might be surprised. These buildings might not be ultra-urban or hip as you want but they could prove to be cosy and homey and the neighbours might know one another and be tight knit. Besides, these buildings might be more affordable especially if you are home-hunting on a budget.

Looking for a new home need not be stressful. This is actually an exciting time and you must look forward to finding an abode where you could collect some wonderful memories.