How to troubleshoot your garage doors?

The garage doors have become a lot advanced these days. And they can now protect your valuables from wrong attempts. But the problem with these gates is that the homeowners have to spend a huge amount of money on maintaining these doors or a regular basis. Moreover, the doors are equipped with advanced technology due to which the homeowners cannot troubleshoot the advanced garage doors on their own.


And they are bound to take help from Garage door Geelong experts so that their garage doors may keep working perfectly. But the fact is that there are many useful ways homeowners can now use to troubleshoot their garage doors. And we’re going to describe some of these methods in this article. So, let’s take a look at methods you can use to troubleshoot your garage doors.


Fixing the opener


Sometimes, the garage door doesn’t open at all even if you press the wall switch multiple times. The major reason for this problem is the disruption in the power source. So, you must immediately check the motor unit to make sure that it’s properly plugged. You must carefully check the cord that is attached to the door opening.


Similarly, the opener won’t work at all if there is some problem with the fuse or circuit breaker. You may easily diagnose this issue by checking if other lights in the garage are working fine or not. In this situation, the only thing you need to do is to replace the breaker and the opener will start working fine.


Remote Control isn’t working fine

troubleshooting garage doors


If the garage door isn’t opening with the remote control, you must get closer to the door to make sure that you aren’t out of the range. The advanced garage doors can only catch signals from a minor distance. Therefore, you must try this trick if the remote isn’t working fine. Similarly, you need to check the antenna to make sure that it’s not damaged in any way.


Moreover, you can press the wall switch to see if the door is working fine with it or not. If the door opens easily with the wall switch, you must try to replace the batteries for the remote control. If the problem hasn’t recovered yet, you must reprogram the remote with the help of information available on the manual. This will definitely remove the error and the remote will start working perfectly.