Signs That Your Strata Manger Position Needs to Be Filled

Strata managers are essentially professionals who are mainly responsible for the administration side of owner’s corporations. They are also called strata managing agents, agents and managers. One of their job duties include ensuring that the communal areas and buildings in a specific strata or community or even a scheme are all maintained in the right manner and for the well-being of all the owners who are in the lots.

They will also be required to comply with all of the instructions that are issued to them by the committee of owners. Basically, if you do not have one hired yet or that position has become vacant, you might have to think about getting somebody in on it really soon. Here are some of the situations in which you would need the assistance of a strata manager.

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Your Organizational Skills Are Taking A Hit

One of the top priorities of the strata manager should be the building and all of the communal areas in it. The organizing of the AGM meetings is also something that is a really important part of the strata manager’s job description. All of the issues and matters that pertain to both of what is mentioned should be addressed by him or her. If the organizing is taking a hit and the condition of the communal areas are getting disapproving looks, it may be time to think about filling in this position.

The Financial Management Is Suffering

All of the financial documents that are maintained by a strata manager needs to be ethical as well as transparent. This means that all of the clients should be able to see easily where their money has gone to and how much they should be paying. There could be a problem if you see that the numbers are not adding up.

If you have any doubts on this, hiring a strata manager Paramatta, Sydney or any other location could be your choice. This manager will also be in control of the housing budget matters. All of the fees paid and the levies given by the lot owners will be handled by the manager. The strata manager also has to be somebody who can follow up and take payments on time as well.

Not Having Enough Maintenance

There are maintenance issues that need to be addressed but maybe getting ignored? This could be due to the fact that without your strata manager your budget is falling apart as well. As a strata manager that individual is held responsible for getting things fixed, cleaned and maintained as soon as something presents itself and on a regular basis.

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So, if you see that all of the maintenance and the repair work is getting piled up you will have to think about the fact that you do in fact need a strata manager. Also keep in mind that the health and safety of those in the lots will also be a responsibility of the manager. Things like removing mould, cleaning pools and ensuring that there are no structurally compromised areas is something that will be done.