The underrated green features that makes your life better – property improvements 101

The world is rapidly running out of resources as we all know it. But does this mean that the world should stop? Absolutely not. The sustainable living or the application of green features has been interpreted in quite the wrong way. This had made the general crowd move away from these ideas, and even end up with no knowledge; at the end of this read, your perception is expected to change.

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  • Rainwater harvesting

The water that falls from the sky has been and being used for many purposes. After all, in a world where water doesn’t come free, this water could be quite helpful. The biggest misconception is that, thus collected water is too contaminated. How do to resolve this? When compared to the other end uses, the potable use is only close to 1%. Hence, why not use the treated water supply for drinking and use the rainwater for the non-potable uses? All you need is a catchment area, a collection tank and you are good to go.

  • Natural ventilation and lighting

There is no end to the number of cases of poor ventilation and lighting naturally. Naturally, these factors should be considered at the stage of the property design. But it never means that there is no absolute hope. But why should you do it? Natural ventilation and lighting has a direct connection with comfort, the expenses in terms of the energy use, and also privacy as well. Unless you do not control the natural lighting, which is the sunlight, the interior temperature will increase. This in turn will require more energy to be used by the A/C machines to keep the temperature at a favorable level. The key is the having right control.

In achieving the optimal natural ventilation and lighting, the role of the openings; the doors and windows will play a big role. However, role of the window coverings will always be higher. This is mainly since it is the controlling gauge of the natural ventilation and lighting and also privacy. So, regardless of the fact that your property was residential or commercial, you should get the most ideal window coverings for the job. Whoever though that your drapes could be a green feature?

Australia is blessed with the companies that deal with all sorts of blinds, awning, and curtains and so on. But not every day that you get a number of solutions along with free installation – if that’s what you want, all you need to do is visiting Here, you will see the number of ways how you can customize these coverings, to ensure that you achieve your best privacy, along with the most optimal natural ventilation and lighting.

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  • Solar power usage

The energy that the sun produces has been disregarded for a long time. Today, the technically advanced products have provided the facility for even the most domestic needs to be fulfilled by the solar power. All you need to reach out to the right company, and it will be an investment for a lifetime.