Tips to Prepare Your House for Sale

No matter how prepared you are to sell your house, buyers will still overlook your house if it is not prepared for the sale. To prepare the house for new owners you need to start giving your house a new look. This includes some cleaning and renovations on your part. These tips will tell you exactly what you need to change about the appearance of your house when it comes to selling it.

Good Landscaping

The first impression of your house is determined by the curb appeal. You will need make sure your garden is clean and kept under good care. Remove heaps of garbage that are collected over the lawn, make sure the garden decorations are cleaned, change the water in ponds and make sure the garden lights work. Mow your lawn, clean out your driveway, prune the bushes ad remove the weeds that might have grown with time.

Keep a Clean Outside

It is not enough to just clean the garden if you want to give off a good impression. You will need to clean the exterior of the house too. Clean and clear out your gutters and make sure the outside walls and the front door are in good state. If there are fading paint, try to repaint them. Check to see if there are any major cracks on the paint. Is your welcome mat old and on the verge of falling apart? There is no better time to buy a new one than now. You don’t want to give the buyers the idea that you are ignoring the outer appearance of the house.


Remove clutter and depersonalize you home. Let the buyers imagine themselves living in the house without distracting them with personal items such as photographs you have out on display. Also, remove excess items that are blocking the house, making it feel crammed and small. If you are unable to take a good look at your house in a depersonalized manner this is where your realtors can pitch in. You can find best real estate agents Berwick with a quick online search. They will be able to tell you what items you should remove and what to keep in order to make the house look presentable.


Clean the entire house. Once you have removed the extra items, now it is time to wipe out the surfaces of dust. Make sure to wipe laces such as fans, floors, cupboards, shelves and countertops. Arrange the items on shelves and closets in an orderly manner. A messy interior will look like there is no enough space inside the house. Make sure you remove all the garbage before the buyers come to inspect the house.


Go to each room and see what should be repaired? Are there any light bulbs that are not working? Are there any leaks in the taps in your bathroom or kitchen? You will need to make sure all these are repaired and working when the buyers visit the house. Make sure the doors and windows will open and close properly. Make sure you get these repairs completed before the house is put on sale.

The key to making sure your house is on demand is to make it look appealing. You don’t have to completely change its interior and exterior. But do the small changes that will help the house to show that was kept in good condition and the buyers have nothing to worry about.